Announcing a New Invoice Format


In an effort to better serve customers, Windstream is consolidating billing systems. The new and improved invoice format will begin with your December invoice.

Important Changes:

  • Some customers may be assigned a new account number, which will display at the top of your new invoice. Please update your records with your new account number, as you will need to reference it with any correspondence or communications including contacting Customer Care.
  • Some product names on the invoice may vary slightly or change, however the rate for the product will remain the same.
  • You may have a change in your billing cycle and/or due date effective on your next invoice (see table below). If you are on AutoPay, your payment draft date will be adjusted in accordance with the change in your billing cycle.
    Current Billing Cycle New Billing Cycle
    November 1 December 1
    November 10 December 9
    November 20 December 21
  • The payment remittance name and address has changed. Payments will need to be remitted to Windstream. The new address is P.O. Box 9001013, Louisville, KY 40290-1013.
    Please update your records and mail your payment to the new address to ensure your payments are posted in a timely manner. The new remittance information will be listed on your new invoice.

    Q:  If the remittance address is changing, do I need to request a new W9?
    No.  Windstream’s Tax ID number is not changing.

    Q:  Will I need to make any changes for my automatic payments?
    A:  Automatic payments will continue to process. No changes are necessary.

  • Customers with Rollover Long Distance minutes will no longer roll over into subsequent month(s).
  • The Call Duration Distribution report will no longer be included on your invoice. Please refer to Windstream Online for additional invoice reporting options.
  • Customers will see a change to International Calling rates. Customers can view the new rates by clicking, and selecting Nuvox Inc. Terms & Conditions/Price List for International Telecom located under Federal/International Long Distance Price Lists.
  • Your login and password information for will remain the same, however, there may be limited availability during the system consolidation.
  • Customers will see menu functionality changes on Windstream Online ( Additional information will be provided on the landing page upon signing into Windstream Online.
  • The Email Access link will no longer be available through Windstream Online.


Impacts to Fees, Surcharges and Taxes:

  • Customers will see changes to certain Fees, Surcharges and Taxes on their invoice.
  • Calls associated with the Payphone surcharge will be denoted by an asterisk (*) next to the charge, and will be included within the total call record charge.
  • The Federal Subscriber Line Charge (FSLC) will now invoice under monthly recurring charges.
  • As a result of increases in the costs of regulatory compliance obligations, the Regulatory Assessment Surcharge (RAS) will increase by 0.334%.
  • The fee associated with your printed invoice, currently displayed as Paper Billing Fee or Account Detail Charge, will display as Paper Invoice Fee under Monthly Charges on your invoice. The Paper Invoice Fee charge will be determined by the count/number of actual sheets or printed pages included in the invoice that goes beyond what is included in the standard ‘Invoice Summary’ option.


Additional Changes:

  • Conference Calling, which is currently displayed as an access code, will now be displayed by name on your invoice.
  • Conference Calling usage will be held for approximately one month prior to the billing consolidation.
  • Customers with Conference Calling Buckets will be moved to per-minute usage rates.
  • Some customers will see Local Directory Assistance rates increase to $1.95 per completed call.



Q:  Can I exempt myself from receiving a paper invoice and the associated Paper Invoice Fee?
A:  Yes. Customers have the option of updating their current invoicing to a Summary Invoice at no cost, or eliminate the paper invoice entirely. To make changes related to your paper invoice, please contact Customer Care at 800.600.5050.

Q:  Where can I find my payment history and invoicing information?
A:  Payment and invoice history will still be available within Windstream Online.

Q:  What are the Paper Invoice Fee charges?
A:  Please see the table below.

Number of Printed Pages Paper Invoice Fee Charges
Summary $0.00
1 to 8 Pages $8.00
9 to 38 Pages $13.50
39 to 98 Pages $19.50
99 to 198 Pages $28.50
199 to 498 Pages $35.50
499 to 998 Pages $45.00
999 to 1998 Pages $85.00
1999 to 5998 Pages $125.00
5999+ Pages $250.00