Your onboarding resources to ensure your business success

Customer Experience is in our DNA.

Your total satisfaction is our top priority. That’s why we’ve designed an onboarding process that ensures you understand the steps and contacts along the way, and that we gather all the necessary information from the start to provide you with a superior customer experience from your initial order through installation, activation, and ongoing support.


WE Connect Your Digital Assistant

  • WE Connect – your customer management portal and app! It’s your all-in-one team, and always on to support you, any time of day or night. Use it to open tickets, pay your bill, and check your order status.
  • Sign in:
  • Forgot your credentials? Call our Care team who can help: 1-800- 600-5050
  • Go Mobile – download our app on Google Pay or iTunes

Account Lead This is your primary Customer Advocate

  • Ensure your Windstream solution is supporting your business goals
  • Coordinate resources for you internally
  • Provide regular updates on your solution performance
  • Keep you abreast of new offerings, and guide you through any site moves, products adds or changes and renewals

Sales Engineer Ensures the technical solution design meets your needs

  • Advises you on the optimal network design and equipment configuration
  • Can help secure your solution
  • Advanced Cloud Communications Team - Solution architects for your Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions, who work hand in hand with the network engineers to optimize your design and business outcomes

Project Coordinator Will guide you through installation

  • Serves as your single point of contact through the solution turnup and activation
  • Ensures that your deadlines met
  • Gives you regular status updates along the way

Care Team Takes care of your day-to-day account management needs

  • Answers any billing questions, and assist with account change requests

Service Assurance team Available 7x 24 for technical repair issues

  • Trained engineers who specialize in the solution you purchased
  • Will ensure any service impacting issues are resolved with urgency, while providing you with updates and results


Installation Steps

Review your project scope, walk through the end-to-end installation process, set expectations for timing, provide contacts, secure required documentation, for a successful activation.


WE Connect Portal

WE Connect is your one stop shop for managing your Windstream services, on your computer, phone or tablet.

  • Manage your Services
  • Set up personalized alerts for billing, order status or bill pay
  • Check Your Usage
  • Pay Your Bill
  • Request Support

Questions on how to use the portal?

  • At the bottom left corner of any page you can see a “?” and a quick start guide will launch!
  • Or, get connected to our online community!

You can also call our Care team: 1-800-600-5050, option 2 or 3

Paying Your Bill

Q: What is my billing cycle?
A: You can expect to receive an invoice from Windstream, Enterprise every 30 days. Your billing cycle could start on the 4th or 8th or another day of the month; the start varies depending on when your solution was installed.

Q: How do I receive a W-9?
A: You can request this information by logging in to:

  • Click on the + and an option to “Email Us” will display:
  • Please send an email to us, provide your account number, contact information and a copy of the first page of their invoice.

Q: Payment options
A: You have several options to pay your bill:

  • Our customer management portal: WE Connect
  • Auto-pay (whereby your bank account is directly debited for the invoice amount)

Q: What taxes and fees are applied?
A: Some additional charges that are applied (in addition to the price of the service) are by Regulatory or government entities, such as the 911 surcharge, as well as state and local taxes. This will vary depending upon your jurisdiction.

Other fees that you may see applied include, but are not limited to:

  • Federal and State Universal Service Fund (USF)
  • ARC (Access Recovery charge)
  • Regulatory Assessment Surcharge (RAS)
  • Federal Subscriber Line Charge Fee (FSLC)
  • Telecom Relay Surcharge (TRS)

These will vary depending upon the services you have purchased, and on your jurisdiction.

Q: What happened if I dispute the charges on my bill?
A: You can submit a dispute and a request for credit by calling your assigned Customer Advocate, or calling Customer Care at 1-800-600-5050, option 3.

Q: What confirmation do I receive when I have paid my bill?
A: Payment confirmation is not sent, however, you can see your payment status on our customer management portal – WE Connect – or by calling customer care at 1-800-600-5050 option 3.

Q: How can I check my account balance?
A: Please login to our customer management portal – WE Connect
OR, call customer care at 1-800-600-5050 option 3

Q: How do I login to the portal to obtain a copy of my invoice?
A: Please call Customer Care at 1-800-600-5050, option 3 to obtain your login credentials.

A: When is the payment due?
A: Payment is due 20 days from the invoice date, unless you have those terms uniquely specified in your contract.

Q: What are the late payment fees?
A: Late payment is assessed at 1.5% of your total invoice.

Q: Where can I find my invoice detail?
A: You have several options: we recommend that you use our customer management portal – WE Connect -- for that information.
Or, you can also receive your billing data via EDI (note that EDI is not a payment option).
Finally, you have the option of receiving a paper bill with detailed records, for an additional fee.



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Your Account Lead and Customer Advocate is your single point of contact when you need to:

  • Move a site or office location
  • Add new users or features
  • Order additional equipment
  • Change or upgrade your solution
  • Renew your contract

You can see your account lead on the WE Connect mobile app, or call Customer Care at 1-800-600-5050, option 2 or 3.