Network & Connectivity

Products to optimize performance and deliver the bandwidth and reliability needed to support IT transformation.

Additional solutions

Wireless Data Backup

Protects your network and data connections utilizing wireless 4G broadband technology—and providing diverse, resilient, secure connectivity to the Internet and corporate infrastructure at all times.

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Managed Router

Router equipment and end-to-end network management ensuring cost-effective, reliable, secure connectivity and optimal network performance.

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Is your network ready for the cloud?

We can be the partner who gets you there. Windstream Enterprise helps you harness the power of the cloud with purpose-driven networks. And since networks are only as reliable as its infrastructure, we’ve built ours on top of transport and metro fiber and fixed wireless capabilities. From single site to globally distributed enterprise operations, Windstream Enterprise delivers innovative, powerful data solutions with the flexibility and agility to quickly adapt, reinvent and thrive in today’s rapidly changing business climate.

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