Current Spiff Terms and Conditions

Upfront offer valid from October 1, 2023, to December 31, 2023, on Net New Customer Sales* or net new sales to existing Windstream Enterprise customers, made under the terms and conditions of this Strategic SPIFF (“Eligible Sales”). To qualify, an Eligible Sales must be signed by a customer and submitted to Windstream Enterprise on or before Close of Business (COB) on December 31, 2023 and must be on a 36-month term or longer. Deals over $25,000 Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) will require prior SPIFF eligibility approval. The SPIFF payout for deals larger than $50,000 MRC will be split into two payments: 50% upfront and 50% paid on last site install. Only eligible product and product component MRC qualify for the SPIFF. Sales to existing Windstream **House Accounts must receive segmentation approval to be SPIFF eligible.

ONE and Only SPIFF): Paid out per calendar month. SPIFF applies to new SASE, SSE or SD-WAN MRCs from Eligible Sales. The ONE and Only SPIFF incentives apply only to deals with 5 or more service locations. Excludes deals in the Fed/Gov and K-12 Education vertical. Additional 2X New Logo SPIFF only available to a customer who is not receiving services and has not received any services in the prior six (6) months from Windstream Enterprise. Additional 1X Big Deal Bonus only available for deals with $10,000 or more in new MRC. See the flyer here for additional details.

The following products and charges are exempt from any SPIFF payment: All underlying transport products (except as specified under Strategic Product(s)), ASF or other taxes/surcharges/fees, CPE NRC, NRCs and third-party/tertiary services.

5% Residual Terms: Earn an additional 5% residual commission on strategic solutions MBR sold between April 1, 2019, and December 31, 2023. The additional residual incentive is in addition to the residual amount based on the new commission structure rolled out in April 2019. To qualify, all sales must be customer signed and submitted on/before COB December 31, 2023. All qualifying sales must include one or more strategic solutions on a 24-month term or longer and have a total deal value of $500 or greater. The 5% promotional residual will apply to qualifying strategic solutions MBR. See here for the complete list of terms and conditions.

Extend and Win Customer Renewal: Valid for qualified customers on “as-is” renewals only administered by partner through the WE Connect Partners portal. Upsells, migrations and any offers extended outside of the WE Connect Partners portal, including any other types of renewals, are excluded. Incentive reflects maximum payout to partner. Agents with a master partner agreement should refer to your master program agreement for more details. Credits that exceed $25,000 require additional approval. Customer termination of service(s) prior to the start of the renewal term may result in a chargeback of any partner upfront offer incentives and renewal credits. See the flyer here for additional details.

Disputes: Partner must provide notice of dispute within ninety (90) days of payment or waives its right to dispute the payment. Windstream Enterprise reserves the right to reclaim any upfront payment if qualifying criteria are not met or if termination of services occurs for any reason at any time. Partner must provide notice of any missing SPIFF payments in writing ninety (90) days after the promotional period ends or waives the right to request payment. Upfront payments may be reclaimed if orders or services are not installed within one-hundred eighty (180) days of signature.

For Windstream Enterprise sold deals, upfront payment(s) will not be released until after the customer is assigned a Windstream Enterprise account number.

*“Net New Customer Sales” means sales to a customer who is not receiving services and has not received any services in the prior six (6) months from Windstream Enterprise (new logo). For clarity, this definition does not include upsells or renewals (within the six-month period above) to existing or former Windstream Enterprise customers.

**House Account defined as an existing direct Windstream customer without a documented indirect relationship.