Customer Portal

WE Connect Registration

Welcome to a customized portal just for you. This adaptive, user-centric tool allows you to manage your network the way that suits you—and your business needs—best.

Command central for all your services.

Just imagine: immediate access to all your essential information, the ability to manage and optimize your network, and all the support you need—all in one place. That’s the power of a total access portal. And since you’re already a valued customer, you can register now.

  • Day-to-day tasks that don’t take all day.

    Add users or locations in minutes, so you can focus your time elsewhere.

  • Network views in real time.

    Get a bird’s-eye view of network latency, packet loss and jitter by site, plus easy-to-customize reports.

  • On-demand service for your on-demand enterprise.

    WE Connect offers a mobile app with the same convenient functions of a desktop app, to keep pace with your work on the go.

See WE Connect in action


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