Partner Wins

We’re focused on helping our partners sell in key verticals (Healthcare, Retail, Hospitality and Finance) and on selling our key solutions (SD-WAN, UCaaS/CCaaS, Access and Professional Services). See how our partners are winning with Windstream Enterprise.

Featured WIN:


$1.9M Strategic upsell for residential property management company

Key Solutions: UCaaS, SD-WAN Concierge, LAN Services and Professional Services

Vertical: Residential property management and investment services

Who: Sub-agent located in a suburb in Minneapolis, MN

What: Single-tenant UCaaS with 287 end points and a 50-seat CCaaS solution combined with SD-WAN Concierge plus network. Bundled Meraki WiFi and cameras (LAN Services) with Professional Services tied to the SD-WAN/CCaaS implementation.

Where: Midwest

When: May-July 2019

Why: The customer’s 3-year legacy MPLS and basic UC contract was coming to an end and they needed a solution that offered the flexibility and ease of migrating services from one physical location to another. Furthermore, they wanted to leverage CCaaS to integrate with critical apps like Salesforce and provide cloud-based chat with underlying SD-WAN network, delivering additional bandwidth for resiliency and performance.

How: The primary selling point was the ability to amortize the NRC into the MRC over the course of the contract, which provided the customer with more CAPEX space and residual for the partner. Also, bundling all strategic solutions with one provider—a single point of contact for project management, support and billing—gave the customer additional peace of mind.


Additional WINs:


$1.5M SD-WAN win in New England area

Key Solution: SD-WAN, primary bandwidth mix, 4G backup

Vertical: Government

Who: Sub-agents, direct sales and indirect sales close a 3-year $41k MRC

What: State agency to add 143 new locations (mostly park and rec) to their existing 100+ location network—standard deployment of SD-WAN (VCE520) with 30m license, primary connection (various last mile, including Fixed Wireless) and 4G backup

Where: Northeast region

When: August 2019

Why: Superior product and amazing team of engineers and other support mechanisms at Windstream Enterprise vs. the competition

How: By leveraging existing relationships between the channel partner and direct sales team


$2.5M OfficeSuite UC® win via channel integration

Key Solution: Unified communications as a service (UCaaS)

Vertical: Retail—sporting goods store

Who: Sub-agent closes a 5-year, $41k MRC, leveraging Windstream Enterprise’s coordinated approach between direct and indirect sales

What: Over 2,100 OfficeSuite UC seats, plus over 400 locations of OfficeSuite® Fax

Where: 7-state area in the West region

When: September 2019

Why: Superior products vs. the competition

How: By leveraging an open sales opportunity on the direct side, in conjunction with the existing relationship the partner had with the prospect


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