Answer these 10 SASE assessment questions to reveal your readiness level

1. How important is protecting against malware, ransomware and exposure to security vulnerabilities to your organization?

2. How would you describe the management of your security and networking technologies?

3. How many of your business applications or services (e.g. Office 365, Google Workspace, AWS) reside in the cloud?

4. Do end users connect to your network from outside a corporate perimeter? (e.g. access from a VPN for home and mobile workers)

5. How much visibility into cloud compute and end-user resources do you have?

6. How would you describe your end-user performance and reliability experience?

7. How many device connections to your network are you able to control?

8. How complex is it to update your network and security policies?

9. Do your end users expect more direct access to resources in your data centers and cloud-based applications?

10. How well is your network meeting new business needs (e.g. adding or moving locations, new cloud workloads, remote work)?