Network & Connectivity

Fixed Wireless

Private connectivity solution using digital microwave technology for high-bandwidth diversity and reduced network downtime.


Uptime Guarantee

Virtually eliminate downtime with 99.999% reliability and diverse last mile access when coupled with Diverse Connect


Physical Diversity

Protect your network from wireline outages and get more redundancy vs. fiber, copper, coax or cable


Business Continuity

Ensure consistent and prioritized performance for critical customer experience-enhancing apps


Fully Managed

Eliminate upfront Capex and free valuable IT resources with a fully managed and monitored solution

The Windstream Enterprise advantage


unexpected outages

Fixed Wireless bypasses traditional last mile wires access to avoid outages due to backhoes and pole hits. Each Fixed Wireless system is engineered to withstand regional environmental factors to avoid outages due to rainfall.


options from 1.5 Mbps - 10 Gbps

Largest Fixed Wireless footprint in the U.S. reach approximately 400,000 buildings. Service can be customized and scaled to match network architecture and application needs and used as a primary or redundant connection.


expert installation

Expert team can install in as few as 30 days, no waiting for fiber buildout. In addition, rooftop installs avoid long permit waits or underground buildouts.

High-bandwidth diversity and reduced network downtime with Fixed Wireless

The Windstream Enterprise Advantage

Windstream Enterprise Network Challenges


Ideal for multi-location business/campus environments where uptime is critical to productivity, revenue & CX.

Windstream Enterprise Network CSMB Challenges

Small to mid-sized business

Excellent solution for fast-growth companies with multiple sites that can’t afford business downtime.

What’s standing between you and the Network you need?

Interactive Infographic

Use this interactive infographic to see how Windstream Fixed Wireless provides fast, secure Internet and high-speed data delivery via wireless connections between fixed points.
Fixed Wireless Infographic

Windstream Enterprise Fixed Wireless Service
is available in 50+ markets, shown in the map below, at speeds from 10 Mbps to 5 Gbps

Fixed Wireless Legend map dots Cities


U.S. Carrier Ethernet Services

Seven companies achieved the 2017 U.S Carrier Ethernet status.

Windstream Enterprise was among them.


To view all awards, visit our Windstream Enterprise Industry Awards & Recognition page.

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