Security & Compliance

DDoS Mitigation Service

Powerful protection from malicious, imminent DDoS attacks.


Proactive Protection

Protect against DDoS attacks, which continue to grow in number, scale and cost


Fully Managed & Complete

Monitor, detect, validate and mitigate with end-to-end service from a single provider


24/7 Expert Monitoring

Rapid identification and mitigation of attacks to reduce downtime


Prevent Costly Disruptions

A critical aspect of any enterprise security and business continuity strategy

The Windstream Enterprise Advantage


monthy fee-based pricing

Predictable, cost-effective monthly pricing covers both monitoring and mitigation—regardless of number or scale of attacks.


network agnostic provider

Proactively protect against attacks on the Windstream or third-party networks using a single trusted security partner.



Ensure little to no downtime with notification within 15 minutes, and mitigation starting within 15 more, as well as near real-time auto-mitigation options.

All security challenges, accepted

Windstream Enterprise Network Challenges


Part of a complete range of enterprise-ready security solutions to protect your business, your customers, and your reputation and brand.

Windstream Enterprise Network CSMB Challenges

Small to mid-sized business

Our skilled team can help support strategic planning, design or deployment across a range of security threats, when and where you need it.

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