Georgia Technology Authority (GTA) Master Services Agreement for GTA Direct Services

This Master Services Agreement for GTA Direct Services (including all exhibits and attachments hereto, this “Master Services Agreement” or “MSA”), dated as of September, 22, 2020 (the “Effective Date”), is made by and between the Georgia Technology Authority (“GTA”), whose principal place of business is located at 47 Trinity Avenue, Atlanta, Georgia, 30334, and Windstream Services, LLC, on behalf of itself and its Affiliates, a Limited Liability Company, whose principal place of business is located at 4005 N Rodney Parham Rd., Little Rock, Arkansas. 72212 (“Service Provider“) (each, a “Party” and collectively, the “Parties“).

The SCS contract is divided into 4 primary categories and supporting services. Please see the links below for more information.

Contact Information

Windstream Enterprise SLED Team

Vincenza Carini
Sr. Account Development Director
Windstream Enterprise SLED
Mobile: 954.608.3492
[email protected]

Marcy Claxton
Contract Manager
Windstream Enterprise SLED
Mobile: 918.645.6349
[email protected]

Kinetic Contact Information

Don Ranke
Account Director
Kinetic Enterprise
Mobile: 404.375.2219
[email protected]

Jamie Mullins
Area Sales Director
Kinetic Enterprise
Mobile: 859.421.2821
[email protected]

Danette Canfield
Major Customer Advocate (Moves, Adds, Changes)
Kinetic Enterprise
Office: 706.776.4343
[email protected]

Administrative Downloads

W-9 Form
eVerify Document
Full Contract

Payment Information

You can make payments online via, as referenced on your invoice.

Product Information

OfficeSuite UC® & HD Meeting
UCaaS Avaya
CCaaS Avaya
Dynamic IP & SIP Trunking
Fixed Wireless

OfficeSuite UC® & OfficeSuite HD Meeting®

Remote work is here to stay. Is your agency ready?

In these uncertain times, enterprises are being forced to pivot and respond rapidly to massive social and economic changes. One of the biggest shifts is in how we conduct business day to day. That’s why government leaders are looking to new collaboration and virtual team solutions to drive their organizations forward. Because the business demands it—and customers expect it.

How OfficeSuite UC works

Powerful yet easy to use, OfficeSuite UC is a 100% cloud-based UCaaS solution that blends user-centric design with advanced technology. It includes a complete suite of voice and collaboration features that can be tailored to the unique needs of any organization, and can easily scale to 20,000 users.

A range of OfficeSuite UC integrations lets you connect to third-party applications including Salesforce, Skype for Business, Google G Suite, Slack, Microsoft Teams and many others. Businesses can also take advantage of the fully integrated OfficeSuite UC Contact Center Services platform to help queue calls and chats, view live and historical agent activity, and record calls to enhance your customers’ experiences while managing your employees’ performance.

What’s more, it’s so intuitive that employees can easily manage communications themselves. Since it’s built on proprietary technology, OfficeSuite UC is both highly reliable and highly secure. When OfficeSuite UC is combined with SD-WAN Concierge, you get the bandwidth flexibility, performance and uptime your teams need to stay up and running all day, every day.

Finally, there’s a secure video conferencing solution

The race is on to get teams up and running remotely. That’s caused some enterprises to cut corners on some of their collaboration solutions—which has led to serious fallout from lapsed security. The upside? Now there’s a 100% cloud-based HD web conferencing solution that can help your virtual teams truly collaborate securely in real time, from any device. And give you business continuity technology you can rely on.

How OfficeSuite HD Meeting works

Powerful yet easy to use, OfficeSuite HD Meeting is both highly reliable and highly secure. Its web services reside in redundant Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments to isolate customer data from other computing resources. Additionally, Windstream Enterprise privacy policies use AES-256 encryption and private MPLS network connections to protect data in the cloud. Plus, you get security tools to enable compliance and create secure meeting environments. What’s more, you can integrate OfficeSuite HD Meeting with OfficeSuite UC for a robust unified communications experience.

More Info

OfficeSuite UC Brochure

OfficeSuite HD Meeting Fact Sheet

UCaaS powered by Avaya

A fully-managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution from Windstream Enterprise improves workplace productivity, enables employee mobility, and enriches the customer experience by seamlessly integrating with contact center applications.

Your foundation for enterprise-wide collaboration

A fully-managed Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution from Windstream Enterprise improves workplace productivity, enables employee mobility and enriches the customer experience by seamlessly integrating with contact center applications.

Transform colleague and customer interactions

Leverage Windstream Enterprise’s long-standing relationship with Avaya—a Gartner-recognized industry leader in unified communications and contact center services—to deploy a solution that:

  • Improves productivity by unifying instant messaging, chat, presence, mobility and conferencing for better visibility across platforms and a superior customer experience
  • Integrates with popular third-party CRMs and applications
  • Allows for customization via a single-tenant architecture
  • Serves large businesses with 500 to 10,000+ users
  • Provides subscription-based, per seat pricing models
  • Extends enterprise communications to mobile workers using PCs, MACs, mobile phones and tablets
  • Offers bring-your-own-network options (discuss with your sales person)
  • Integrates with Avaya’s highly customizable CCaaS applications, featuring omni-channel customer interactions

Avaya Fact Sheet

CCaaS powered by Avaya

Upgrade to the next level of contact center capabilities for a robust, multi-channel solution that fully integrates with UCaaS IP Office, powered by Avaya.

CCaaS Avaya Contact Center Select (ACCS)

Optimize every customer interaction and enhance CX with CCaaS ACCS.

Leverage multi-channel functionality to improve agent efficiency, deliver an exceptional customer experience and increase revenue.

Call handling

Manage up to five simultaneous contacts—voice call, email, web chat, fax and SMS.

Remote and multi-location agents

Support multi-channel agents working in as many as 150 locations and enable teleworking for optimal resource allocation.

Customizable reporting

Leverage real-time and historical reporting.

Workforce optimization

Optional add-on for advanced call recording, agent desktop screen captures, live monitoring, quality management, agent coaching, e-learning, workforce management and more.

Outbound campaigns

View all customer interactions with integrated preview and progressive outbound dialing, integrated campaigns manager and web services controls.

Call recording

Record calls—random selection or on-demand—with options for more advanced recording capabilities.

Prioritization and data directed routing

Prioritize customers and define experiences, based on business strategies and objectives.


Get a built-in graphical orchestration designer tool for simplified configuration.

Fact Sheet

Dynamic IP & SIP Trunking

Get flexible, reliable, cloud-ready voice services.

As business communication migrates to the cloud, moving to an IP-based unified communications (UC) infrastructure is more important than ever. But rip-and-replace isn’t an option when you’ve invested heavily in your voice system. Fortunately, there’s a cost-efficient way to adopt new, cloud-based UC—all while preserving your legacy investments.

How Dynamic IP works

Dynamic IP provides a single network connection for business phone services and high-speed data, rather than separate channels for each. Dynamic IP supports multiple call paths—analog, SIP trunking and PRI—enabling you to use your existing phone equipment. What’s more, Dynamic IP automatically adjusts bandwidth allocations based on call volume. As calls come in, data speed is shifted towards voice services. When calls diminish, it’s shifted back to data.

Scale your voice system as needed.

Provide QoS-enabled VoIP to thousands of users, with the ability to evolve your bandwidth and call paths to meet the demand.

More Info

Dynamic IP Fact Sheet

Fixed Wireless

Improve performance with a fast, reliable connection.

Secure high-bandwidth connectivity and network diversity to eliminate downtime and deliver a better customer experience.

Businesses today need network connections that can supplement their existing network to add robustness, scalability, support and redundancy for mission-critical, cloud-based, high-bandwidth applications. With Fixed Wireless Ethernet access from Windstream Enterprise, we take the complexity out of network connection management, ensuring downtime and quality are no longer a concern.

Optimize network performance and support critical, high-bandwidth apps

Our fully managed Fixed Wireless Ethernet access provides secure, high-bandwidth connectivity and network diversity to virtually eliminate downtime. The immediate bandwidth allows businesses to service multiple locations quickly and economically, without the need to dig trenches or lay fiber at each location.

Being completely diverse from the infrastructure used by fiber or copper access, Fixed Wireless is also optimal as a reliable supplement to existing fiber or copper access, improving overall uptime and availability.

The secure access platform of Fixed Wireless can support the most bandwidth-demanding applications with high availability and virtually no interruptions. Fixed Wireless installations include the appropriate frequency and antenna system to ensure the access connection delivers 99.99% reliability, even in inclement weather.


Can your network keep up with the pace of business?

The cloud is changing the ways businesses thrive. New cloud-based collaboration and customer service applications drive revenue and deliver superior customer experience. But older networks don’t offer the flexibility, resilience or capacity to support those applications. The result? Poor end user experiences and frustrating work experiences for employees.

What is SD-WAN?

Software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is an overlay method of connectivity that decouples networking hardware from the physical control layer—enabling enterprises to use low-cost, readily available broadband Internet. By centralizing control and combining functions at the edge, SD-WAN simplifies WAN operation and management while ensuring application performance and availability for cloud-based workloads.

Exceptional customer experience, guaranteed

Purchase SD-WAN Concierge with Managed Network Security (MNS) and OfficeSuite UC solutions and if you’re not 100% satisfied during the first year, you can walk away from your contract with no obligations or termination fees.

SD-WAN Brochure