Federal Government

Government Pre-Approved GSA and SAM IT Technology Service Provider

As both a GSA contract holder and a registered vendor in the SAM, Windstream is pre-approved and certified to provide IT technology including voice, data, network and cloud solutions to any government entity. We understand the scope of government IT technology priorities, challenges and concerns and provide security, redundancy and scale in cost-efficient network technology, applications and services, ensuring reliable connectivity.

Responsible, Responsive, IT Technology Services for Government

With over seventy-five years of experience serving federal, state, and local governments, Windstream is a proven IT technology provider, supporting the current and emerging IT technologies and applications needs of government agencies at all levels. Rely on Windstream to:

  • Secure and protect critical infrastructure, data and key assets
  • Comply with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requirements
  • Optimize internal and external communications and collaboration
  • Quickly, easily scale IT technology to changing demands
  • Improve service delivery to the public, businesses and trading partners
  • Keep government services running during emergencies

Voice, Data, Network and Cloud Solutions for Government

Network and Data Services: Secure, Scalable, Cost-Efficient

  • Wired and wireless technology and applications providing reliable, secure connectivity with scalability to quickly adapt to the rapidly-changing IT environment. Converged network solutions seamlessly integrate infrastructure on a single platform for cost-efficient transport of voice and data on a single IP-based network.

Cloud Connect: Optimize Cloud Connectivity, Security and Performance

  • Connects and integrates your cloud services and applications with your IT infrastructure for highly-secure, performance-optimized connectivity with virtual and dedicated private access to third party public and private cloud providers

Ethernet Internet: Efficient Bandwidth Utilization, Scalable to Meet Growth

  • Provides the bandwidth government agencies require in order to satisfy increasing demands on network resources from the public and the need for e-government services, such as license renewal and voter registration.

Managed Network Security: Unified Security Strategy, Significant Cost-Savings

  • Unifies network security and threat management solutions to secure and protect government networks and data and ensure regulatory compliance.

MPLS VPN: Reduce Costs, Optimize Asset Management, Minimize Waste

  • MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching) with VPN (Virtual Private Network) solutions provide a robust, reliable, secure platform for interagency connectivity with real-time, distributed access to key applications and other centralized resources.

UCaaS: Optimize Communications, Facilitate Collaboration

  • Unified Communications as a Service unifies feature-rich VoIP, data, real-time and near real-time communications technologies and applications, optimizing communications and employee collaboration.

CCaaS: Seamless Communications, Improve Customer Service

  • Contact Center as a Service solutions unify contact center technologies and applications ensuring consistent, seamless communications with citizens and constituents across multiple touchpoints.

Customer Premises Equipment: Secure, Scalable, Cost-Efficient

  • Voice and network equipment from leading manufacturers tailored to your environment by vendor-neutral experts. Routers, switches, wireless LAN and more can help government agencies save money, stay connected to the public, and keep a geographically-dispersed workforce connected.

Support: Technical Expertise, Problem-Solving Solutions

  • Centrally located, state-of-the-art Solution Center, comprised of a Network Operations Center (NOC) with 24 x 7 x 365 support, working seamlessly to deliver superior service.

Government IT Consulting

Windstream is a pre-approved GSA and SAM vendor providing expert voice, data, network and cloud consultation. We help you assess, design, procure, build and manage secure, scalable, cost efficient IT network infrastructure, technology, equipment and applications. We focus on outcomes to optimize network connectivity, performance and security while minimizing costs.