Introducing greater visibility and management with our SD-WAN portal

January 13, 2022 Mike Frane 2 min
New and improved features and functionality within our network management solution for easier co-management and a unified user experience.

Recently, we announced enhancements to our SD-WAN portal that provide greater visibility and management across a customer’s SD-WAN networks. With these enrichments, our customers will experience an upgraded user interface to support seamless navigation within the portal, as well as faster page loading for quicker response times and enhanced productivity.

Enter the portal

Portal users now have access to improved charts and graphs that automatically synchronize and scale for easier analysis, troubleshooting, and greater visibility into network insights. The portal also offers improved granular search functionality for a refined search experience, enabling easy-to-understand intelligence about a client’s business.

A deeper understanding of your business

For enterprise organizations, network visibility has never been more critical. More businesses, with more people, are working from more places than ever before—all of which is producing significantly more data. While this reality offers exciting new ways to understand your customers and optimize operations, it can also lead to increased blind spots while navigating traffic across the network.

Our SD-WAN portal is unique to Windstream Enterprise—its Insight Engine provides customers with a detailed understanding of performance analysis and trends within their applications, network access and devices across all of their locations. Enhancing these insights opens the door to a superior network management experience and helps to avoid these blind spots.

The SD-WAN portal lives within WE Connect, a single pane of glass through which to monitor, manage and analyze virtually every aspect of a customer’s services—all in one place. SD-WAN insights are accessed through the portal’s intuitive dashboard to help our customers identify variances or hot spots within their network in order to achieve better bandwidth, higher performance, resiliency and reduced outages.

20/20 network vision

The stakes are high—without complete network visibility, IT managers lack the insight and ability needed to make confident decisions on how to allocate their resources, optimize performance and secure operations against events like unexpected downtime. At Windstream Enterprise, our intent is that with these continued improvements, we can help our customers make informed decisions about their network and security services, in an ongoing effort to enhance their overall business operations.

Key Takeaway
The continuous improvement of our network and connectivity solutions are essential to deliver a unified digital experience and increased functionality.

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