Migrating to Modern: Our industry is changing and here’s our response

July 13, 2021 Michael Flannery 3 min
The industry is changing. Don't get left behind by outdated network and voice technologies. Consider these factors for a successful transition to modern-day, IP-based solutions.

Today, aging infrastructures are becoming too expensive and complicated for organizations to maintain. As a result, vendors that provide network and voice technologies—such as POTs, PRI T1s and data T1 circuits—are raising prices and decommissioning these services as they reach their end of life. Customers are already suffering from the limitations brought on by these technologies, with 90% of outages tied to Time Division Multiplexing (TDM), POTs facilities and equipment.1 The time has come for enterprise IT departments to modernize their networking strategies by switching to modern, IP-based solutions.

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Why is this happening now? The truth is, this technological transition has been underway for quite a while. New FCC regulations are coming into play that remove the obligation for vendors to provide outdated telecommunication services—as their costs continue to rise, vendors are being forced to pass the expensive bill on to their customers before the technology eventually reaches obsolescence. On top of these factors, IT teams that were struggling prior to the pandemic feel even more pressure to implement immediate solutions in response to growing challenges in a new environment.

These industry adjustments are the reason Windstream Enterprise is proactively working with our clients to help them navigate through this transition. IT departments that remain dependent on these outdated technologies will have a hard time keeping pace with the call for high-demand, high-bandwidth applications driving 24/7 business operations and productivity.

Securing your future with technology

The workplace has experienced two enormous shifts—the cloud and mobility—that have required organizations to reconsider how to connect and secure their offices, users and resources. Yet with these two forces, issues with old technology and security risks are swelling in both volume and complexity, requiring organizations to embrace sophisticated, multilayer solutions to protect the increasingly susceptible edges of their network, data and users. Legacy infrastructures built from siloed tools don’t interoperate. Rather, they limit visibility, control and performance. IP-based network solutions are the only viable option to protect your organization from future threats and complications.

Windstream Enterprise will help you convert to IP-enabled solutions like Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) and managed Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN), leveraging Ethernet, broadband and wireless access solutions to improve performance, reliability and control at a cost-effective price. Take the time to consider the right technologies toward futureproofing your business, to achieve a new state of agility and reliability for untethered connectivity and communications.

Everything depends on your DX

While relying on outdated technologies, organizations will struggle to deliver the seamless journey that customers and employees have come to expect due to a lack of interoperability and integration between disparate apps and systems. The moment end-users recognize a clunky experience, it will reflect poorly on the enterprise. A digital experience (DX) delivers a customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) full of feature-rich technologies like high-speed Internet, mobility, real-time video and audio collaboration. Implementing modern-day solutions with comprehensive network visibility allows IT leaders to keep a constant eye on their overall network management experience.

Outdated infrastructures are making it progressively more difficult to control the quality and costs of these outdated systems, proving to be a frustrating process for business and IT leaders. In a time when employees need to access applications and services anytime, anywhere and via any device, it’s become imperative for technology to be performing at its peak for seamless collaboration and connectivity.

Take control of the process

There will always be a technological shift that organizations must endure to drive digital transformation. Business leaders are tasked with either rejecting or embracing innovations that adhere to new industry challenges and preserve the future of their organization. For our industry, the time for change is now.

There is great value in finding a network provider that will support your migration by building trust, making the extra effort to understand your business and responding quickly to solve your problems. When moving away from legacy solutions, conduct thorough research in service providers and never settle for “good enough.” Instead, find a partner that will work endlessly to ensure your complete satisfaction with locked-in rates and future-proofed technology. Windstream Enterprise promises to be that trusted partner and to provide an unmatched, fully supported experience—no questions asked. 

No matter what industry you are in, standing still at this pivotal time is not an option. Now is the time to evaluate your options and discover the benefits that IP-based solutions can unlock for your organization.


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Key Takeaway
The industry is changing, and outdated network and voice services will soon become obsolete. Educate yourself on the importance of migrating to modern, IP-based solutions.

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