AI simplified: Empowering contact center agents and customers with artificial intelligence

February 21, 2024 Matthew Marion 4 min

The power and potential of artificial intelligence is never fully realized until it is made accessible to the average user and engrained in their daily activities. This could not be truer for the application of emerging software innovation in contact centers. Learn how Windstream Enterprise CCaaS powered by Talkdesk empowers agents and customers with everyday AI.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is certainly not new. Yet now more than ever, businesses have shifted their focus and energy on putting AI into the hands of the everyday user. In years past, AI was a behind-the-scenes tool. Something to help businesses digest large datasets, identify trends, make organizational decisions on marketing campaigns, sales strategies, product enhancements and more. All of that still rings true today, but what has changed more recently is that front-line employees now have access to these AI-based applications and the insights they generate.

A business’s contact center is its lifeblood. Those handling customer interactions, whether that be in sales or customer service and repair, have a direct and immediate impact on the bottom line. For that reason, it is critical that any tools given to these users don’t disrupt their workflows, but rather are both intuitive and integrated into what they already do on a daily basis.

When Windstream Enterprise announced it’s Contact Center as a Service, powered by Talkdesk, the mission was to ensure just that: By supplying enterprises with a comprehensive set of intelligent, AI-powered contact center capabilities to consistently deliver scalable and secure multichannel customer experiences while also improving agent productivity. The result of this CCaaS solution is  highly productive and intelligent contact center agents that can offer customers rich, seamless interactions they expect from a brand—complete with self-service capabilities and nuanced, highly personalized support. As for the enterprise’s agents and customer support teams, they become empowered with the right, intelligent tools and in-the-moment visibility they need to provide customers with frictionless, meaningful and memorable interactions.

To understand how our CCaaS delivers an intuitive contact center workspace across all integrated channels, it helps to understand how the technologies powered by Talkdesk actually work.

The AI-driven technology behind our CCaaS offering

Talkdesk Agent Assist™
A personalized AI-powered assistant that listens, learns and assists in every conversation, allowing agents to quickly resolve complex customer issues. It provides real-time call transcriptions, contextualized quick answers and next-best action recommendations, simplifying agent effort on administrative tasks and reducing the need for supervisor assistance.

Talkdesk QM Assist™
An augmented and streamlined quality management process that uses AI and speech analytics and leverages searchable call transcripts, customer sentiment analysis and end-to-end automated interaction scoring.

Talkdesk Workforce Management™
The powerful combination of AI and automation capabilities that results in a remarkably intuitive user experience to help optimize staffing and scheduling decisions, reduce administrative effort and deliver a better agent experience (and a better agent experience, more often than not, results in a better customer experience).

Talkdesk Interaction Analytics™
AI-powered text and speech analytics tool that captures, transcribes and analyzes every customer interaction. It uses natural language processing to surface key conversation moments, topics, sentiment and discern customer intent.

Talkdesk Identity™
Voice biometrics, powered by AI, quickly and securely verifies caller identity connecting customers with agents faster with real-time, self-service authentication. This technology can detect and prevent fraudsters, so that you can more confidently protect your customers’ data, and save your customers—and agents—time.

Each of these features takes a task, or several tasks, that the users are performing on a daily basis and augments it with key AI techniques like anomaly detection, natural language processing (NLP) and natural language understanding (NLU), intent and sentiment detection, voice biometrics and more. The end result is a streamlined experience, both for the user and the customer they’re interacting with.

Unparalleled expertise from Windstream Enterprise

As contact center technology moves to the cloud and implements new emerging technologies like AI, it’s helpful to have a partner by your side—someone who has years of experience designing and managing a tailored solution for your enterprises’ unique needs. What you should know about Windstream Enterprise is that their CCaaS implementation team has installed thousands of contact center systems over the years and currently supports tens of thousands of contact center seats. Their expertise will ensure that your service is always maintained and up to date with the most recent releases without the expense of on-premises technical expertise.

With a single, user-friendly portal, you’ll have one place to view, analyze and control every aspect of the customer journey across your Windstream Enterprise technology suite. Our comprehensive set of managed IT technology solutions span across an array of unified communications, networking and security services that work together cohesively and give you the means to overcome some of today’s top contact center challenges, including agent turnover, training, mounting workloads and the complexities of managing multiple support channels (voice, chat, email, social media, SMS, video and web interactions).

Help your contact center agents take on the world with the help of AI. Start by learning about Windstream Enterprise’s CCaaS solution, powered by Talkdesk!

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Key Takeaway
There’s no shortage of ways AI can benefit a contact center’s operations. By tapping into AI-powered tools like Virtual Agent and Agent Assist, agents can leave behind the mundane, repetitive, and time-consuming tasks and devote their time to more complex interactions.

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