How to achieve 100% uptime for XCaaS and mission-critical applications

June 10, 2021 Matthew Marion 3 min
Minutes of downtime can feel like an eternity, especially for organizations with mission-critical applications. A new solution has entered the equation that can eliminate the worries of anything less than 100% uptime.

When it comes to network downtime, the question of if it will happen is less important than the more likely when, and the costs to businesses can be overwhelming. Ransomware attacks add to these costs—cyberattacks have increased an overall 350% since 2018, rising from $8 billion during that year to $20 billion in 20201. But the greater cost is often seen through the time lost while organizations frantically work to secure remaining files and networks, while recovering lost work.

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Downtime does not discriminate

Industries that are the most sensitive to downtime (think healthcare and financial services) have mission-critical customer environments that cannot afford a simple minute of interruption. Even if a company’s applications, servers and devices remain operational, when the network is down, they no longer can communicate with one another. This can be detrimental to critical business operations and the customer or patient experience.

While downtime can plague any organization across any industry, there are solutions that prioritize system uptime and ensure virtually no disruption to IT networks. Whether the interruption is due to cyberattacks, scheduled system updates, operational outages or even a natural disaster, organizations retain the ability to operate efficiently without disturbance to day-to-day business.

Your new “Plan A” for uptime

Organizations who require survivability for unexpected events can now find peace of mind with WINpod, a new solution powered by Windstream Enterprise for hybrid cloud enterprise networks. WINpod works by leveraging Avaya’s XCaaS technology to support on-premises data centers, which guarantee essential applications function in the event of a network outage and support mission-critical environments that have little tolerance for downtime.

Many solutions out there promise a reliability standard of 99.999%, which is more than sufficient for a majority of businesses. Yet for life-critical environments like hospitals, WINpod enables 100% uptime and continuity and resiliency for UCaaS and other applications. This solution applies to a wide variety of organizations with different network needs, architectures and legacy systems—it offers a fail-proof way to take advantage of the most modern technology available while leveraging previous network and communications investments.

WINpod in action

Let’s take a look at one Windstream Enterprise customer, a mid-size, not-for-profit hospital with five locations and more than 300 active and consulting physicians on staff. Like many hospitals today, they are incredibly dependent upon technology to deliver quality healthcare services to patients. From gathering and managing patient data to providing cutting-edge treatments, this organization relies on their network infrastructure to deliver a variety of life-critical solutions. But inconsistent WiFi, a lack of resiliency, and obsolete network, security, and voice solutions were no longer empowering them to meet the growing demand for their healthcare services.

This customer tapped into Windstream Enterprise to access WINpod and an on-prem data center, as well as SD-WAN ConciergeTM and triple broadband connections. Putting WINpod into action led to massive customer benefits including 100% uptime and greatly reduced network outages, as well as an improved app performance and patient experience.

With change and uncertainty affecting many businesses across a variety of industries, there has never been a better time to implement the right continuity solutions. It is a crucial step toward building resilience into organizational infrastructure long before disaster strikes. Take the time to learn more about how mission-critical environments can benefit from diminished downtime to guide you as you explore the options available to your organization today.


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Key Takeaway
100% uptime is finally here. Ensure business continuity and resiliency for UCaaS and mission-critical applications with WINpod, powered by Windstream Enterprise.

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