Secure Flex Premium: The future-ready solution for enterprise network security

April 17, 2024 Chris Alberding 4 min


The demands on enterprise IT infrastructure are greater than ever—whether it’s the challenge of connecting remote workers, adapting to agile operations or fortifying defenses against increasingly sophisticated cyberthreats. Learn how Secure Flex Premium from Windstream helps organizations remove these obstacles and optimize business operations.

An outdated network once left a large metal manufacturer struggling with a lack of resiliency, security and control into their IT environment. With more than 25 locations operating on point-to-point networks and a legacy MPLS service, it was clear that they’re existing infrastructure needed change. Something, and someone, that would enable a reliable, dedicated single-instance solution that could be implemented rapidly and customized without overburdening their lean IT staff.

This is a very common example of the incredibly intricate problems that organizations today are experiencing, especially those who are managing their ongoing digital transformation journey with a lean IT team. It can be challenging finding the right path toward building a more secure, connected and seamless IT infrastructure that can optimize their business for better business outcomes. For the metal manufacturer, they found the perfect remedy to all their IT hurdles with Secure Flex Premium from Windstream.

Boost resiliency and strengthen network security a single-tenant solution

Secure Flex Premium is a cutting-edge suite of advanced technology solutions, powered by Fortinet, that is custom-tailored to meet the diverse cybersecurity needs of large enterprises. It does so by offering a fully customizable infrastructure designed to address both current and future security concerns.

By leveraging Fortinet’s industry-leading cybersecurity and networking technologies, this solution suite provides enterprises with a single, comprehensive platform to manage, control and optimize their IT ecosystem.

Gone are the days of managing a disjointed IT environment: Now customers can feel even more empowered to navigate through the most complex digital challenges with confidence, thanks to an superior toolkit that enables a robust, adaptable security layer, and hands-on guidance that come with a co-managed or fully managed solution.

Key features of Secure Flex Premium include:

  1. Comprehensive cybersecurity: Powered by the Fortinet’s Security Fabric, Secure Flex Premium offers automated and synchronized protection across all users, devices, applications and endpoints. This scalable approach enhances detection capabilities, facilitates efficient responses and ensures consistent policy enforcement.
  2. Dedicated single-tenant solution: Each client receives a dedicated infrastructure, allowing for greater control and customization over their IT environment. This ensures that security measures align with the unique requirements of each enterprise.
  3. Tailored technology: Secure Flex Premium seamlessly integrates with existing technology infrastructures, incorporating components such as Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), Endpoint Protection Platform (EPP), SD-Branch and SD-WAN. Windstream’s expertise with Fortinet ensures a multidimensional security solution that addresses the specific needs of each client.
  4. Management flexibility and support: Customers have the option to self-manage their environment, co-manage it with Windstream or opt for full management by their IT Managed Services team. Additionally, customers receive end-to-end support, including site surveys, design planning and implementation assistance.
  5. Seamless integration and white glove experience: With access to an entire suite of networking, security and collaboration tools managed by Windstream, customers gain a single-point-of-contact solution with experienced, expert customer service.

Upon the launch of this new offering, John Maddison, Chief Marketing Officer at Fortinet, emphasized the value this will provide enterprise customers: “Businesses in industries with strong security requirements need assurance that they’re not only receiving best-in-class technologies, but also expert support from a knowledgeable managed services team. With Fortinet and Windstream, that’s exactly what they’ll get.”

Why Secure Flex Premium from Windstream?

Secure Flex Premium represents a significant step forward in enterprise cybersecurity, via a future-ready solution that combines cutting-edge technology with unparalleled support. With Windstream and Fortinet at the helm, businesses can steer clear of the complexities that come with managing one’s digital landscape with confidence, knowing that their IT infrastructure is secure, resilient and prepared for whatever the future may hold.

Windstream and Fortinet have been close partners for years, working together to provide unique insights and expertise to enterprises. Customers can trust in that they are not only receiving the most powerful solutions on the market, but that they are getting the highest quality experience too.

From the words of the metal manufacturer: “Choosing Windstream Enterprise was easy, as they demonstrated the network capabilities and security expertise to meet our needs in a timely manner,” said Rich Owrey, VP of IT, ELLWOOD Group. “Secure Flex Premium and IT Managed Services from Windstream Enterprise are an ideal solution tailored to help our team overcome the specific challenges we faced.” Ready to experience the benefits of Secure Flex Premium for yourself? Reach out to our team of security experts today to learn more.

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Key Takeaway
Secure Flex Premium integrates premium network technology and security within a high-touch managed service for enterprises that demand a future-ready digital IT infrastructure.

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