OfficeSuite Live Updates: Empower remote collaboration at a competitive price

September 01, 2022 Jason Huffey 3 min

We’re excited to share the latest updates to OfficeSuite Live. These innovations are designed to transform how our customers empower hybrid teams, making it even easier to meet, chat, collaborate and share from anywhere, via any device.  

The concept of collaboration isn’t new, but the way we define it is changing. Over the last few years, our understanding of what workplace collaboration should look and feel like has evolved to cater to an evolving and rapidly changing landscape. Remote, hybrid and other distributed workplace models are paving the way for more seamless ways to communicate and interact via a range of platforms, from video to audio to messaging and beyond.

In an effort to meet the demands of the modern workforce, we are continuously innovating our own business-grade collaboration solution, OfficeSuite Live. This meeting platform works to enable seamless and secure virtual collaboration for voice, video and content sharing—making it an ideal solution for companies in need of an accessible on-demand solution that establishes sessions between colleagues or prospects from any device.

Remote collaboration has its perks

With optional application to download and install, OfficeSuite Live users have the flexibility to simply host or join audio or video meetings via the application or a web browser. This makes it easy to enable enhanced productivity for our clients in need of one-on-one meetings and group collaboration sessions—all via a modern and intuitive user interface on any web, desktop or mobile device.

Furthermore, the platform can be utilized on a standalone basis and is even more powerful when combined with other Windstream Enterprise OfficeSuite and SD-WAN solutions for an optimized user experience. Best of all, customers can purchase, manage and launch OfficeSuite Live from the award-winning WE Connect portal, a dashboard that offers customers a single pane of glass to monitor, manage and analyze virtually every aspect of their Windstream Enterprise services in real time.

That’s not all

In addition to all of these use cases and benefits, here are some of the most exciting capabilities we’ve recently rolled out across our platform:

  • A clientless experience allowing easy deployment—as easy as relying upon Windstream Enterprise to create the accounts and trigger automated welcome letters to new users. Users may immediately use Google Chrome to join, host and schedule meetings, or they can utilize the iOS and Android apps that are readily available.
  • Virtual backgrounds better blend into clients’ personalized and professional brand. The virtual background works across all devices.
  • End-to-end encryption keeps business communications secure by ensuring that only those in the conversation can decrypt messages. Even if a server or network gets compromised, a third-party source is unable to view the encrypted data.

We’ll do it live!

If you are still using antiquated voice and outdated communications systems, you’re probably aware of the limitations they have to support growing hybrid work environments, especially global business expansions. OfficeSuite Live is perfectly suited for companies and clients that require a day-to-day meeting solution and collaboration sessions between colleagues with all necessary modern-day meeting features that don’t come with premium fees.

OfficeSuite Live is integrated with OfficeSuite UC® to enable customers to have a fully integrated virtual meeting experience. Furthermore, it empowers seamless virtual meetings with co-workers, clients as well as Contact Center Agents leveraging multi-channel conversations within our Contact Center Services (CCS) solution.

Reach out to learn more

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Key takeaway

OfficeSuite Live is the newest addition to Windstream Enterprise’s UC portfolio, loaded with the best features to enable effective, scalable collaboration at a competitive price.

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