Articles By: Arthur Nichols

VP of Architecture & Technology

About Arthur

Art is responsible for network evolution, hardware and software certification, and technical product development for all business units in the organization. He came to Windstream in 2010 through the NuVox Communications acquisition where he oversaw the network architecture and played a key role in the launch of the company’s flagship VoIP and converged access product. While at Windstream, Art has been instrumental in developing numerous products including IPTV, Cloud Security and SD-WAN, as well as advancing the evolution of the company’s broadband, packet optical and SDN-enabled networks. Art is a graduate of Clemson University where he holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Management.

From Alphabet Soup to Business Benefit
We’ve all fallen into the trap of telling folks what something is and assuming they can make the connection about why they should care. Technology is no exception. Telecommunications service providers are very adept at...
How the WAN Impacts Application Performance
Digital applications have become a critical component of a business’s image and reputation. As more customers interact with online systems, application outages or impairments are more than just a black eye—missed opportunities, abandoned shopping carts...
An Aggressive Pivot Towards Programmable Networks
I enjoy my job immensely. Having the responsibility to evaluate new technologies for introduction into our network at a time when the pace of change is unprecedented and only accelerating, ensures I’m constantly exposed to...
Content Providers Catch the SDN Wave
Like so many buzzwords, SDN (software-defined networking) has been abused, perhaps that’s why several companies have been hiding it1, and aspects of SDN are taking on new names such as network automation and intent-based networking—and,...
Transforming our Network to Empower Business Transformation
Jargon can make even the most exciting new technology seem scary. Yet, for reasons unexplained, technology companies can’t stop themselves from using ‘tech speak’. Network technology is experiencing its biggest transformation in decades, with incredible...
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