Improve Security

Prevent, detect and mitigate network attacks—and adapt to new threats as they arise—with security solutions that let your people connect and collaborate confidently.
How to protect your video conferences from hackers
As companies across the U.S. have fully embraced remote working solutions, video-teleconferencing (VTC) platforms are now the virtual office must-have. These tools allow face-to-face video conferences between users in different cities, states, countries and even...
4 Ways to Improve WAN Security
With global spending on cyber security estimated to reach $10 billion by 20271, cybersecurity has arguably become one of the most important corporate initiatives. The wide area network (WAN) is one of the most common...
Protecting Your Business from Crimes of Opportunity
Security events occur frequently but may not capture our attention unless they are more spectacular than the last, like Marriott’s data breach of half a billion records. We’ve all forgotten by now the personal identifiable information...
How Businesses Gain from Integrating SD-WAN and Security
SD-WAN (software-defined wide area network) and security technologies are convergently evolving—responding to the needs of the market while stimulating new demand through innovation. SD-WAN and security capabilities are being integrated in platforms both on-premises and...
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