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3 IT trends to watch out for in 2021
With a sigh of relief and a toast of “good riddance,” we’ve said farewell to 2020. Now we turn our gaze forward, with an optimistic outlook full of new possibilities and opportunities for IT in...
The 3 UCaaS trends to watch out for in 2020
As enterprise employees spend more time working outside their offices, their employers are introducing more flexible work environments—virtual workspaces that offer seamless access to the full suite of workplace tools and apps. This trend drives...
New year, new opportunities to succeed
Welcome to 2020! Not too long ago, that year seemed far in the future, conjuring up visions of jet cars, teleportation and instant everything. Now that we’ve arrived, the power of next-generation networking and communications...
A Look Back at UCaaS in 2019
As the end of the year approaches, it’s easy to focus on the exciting developments planned for 2020. However, a moment of reflection is due given how much Windstream Enterprise accomplished in 2019! We knew...
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