Safe and secure collaboration with OfficeSuite HD Meeting

January 18, 2022 Scott Yelton 3 min
For remote workers, virtual meeting apps are a lifeline for doing their jobs. Here's how OfficeSuite HD from Windstream Enterprise keeps your meetings secure.

With the increase in full-time remote and hybrid work, network and data security is more crucial than ever. Here’s a summary of the ways OfficeSuite HD Meeting® protects your networks, as well as additional tools available for your use.

Your meeting environment is protected with OfficeSuite HD Meetingthanks to built-in security at both the platform level and at the web service level. To isolate your data from other computing resources, the OfficeSuite HD Meeting web services reside in redundant geo-diverse tier 1 data centers that are partitioned from other services. Additionally, Windstream Enterprise privacy policies protect data traversing the cloud through multiple mechanisms, including AES-256 encryption and private MPLS connections. Windstream Enterprise provides customers with a comprehensive set of security tools that enable compliance and create secure meeting environments.

Primary security components in OfficeSuite HD Meeting

Third-party authentication: Third-party credentials, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, can’t be used to log in to OfficeSuite HD Meeting. Consequently, there is no possibility of a data breach between OfficeSuite HD Meeting and these third parties.

Encryption: Our system generates AES-256 ECB encryption, which can be enabled by the user or host. When it’s enabled, meetings accessed through HD Meeting desktop clients and mobile apps will be encrypted in transit. The gateway servers encode and encrypt audio as it passes through the telephony gateway.

HIPAA compliance: Windstream Enterprise can sign Business Associate Agreements with healthcare customers and disable key features to enable compliance.

Domestic U.S. data routing: OfficeSuite HD Meeting has its own fully redundant dedicated environment in the U.S. The solution has no tie to any foreign-based servers.

Customer data privacy: Windstream Enterprise does not sell customer data. OfficeSuite HD Meeting falls under our Privacy Policy.

Meeting passwords: For a more secure meeting, passwords can be enabled at the account or host level.

Authenticated users: This feature will only allow participants who have logged in to a valid account to join a meeting.

Real-time security management: Meeting security controls enable real-time information and management during a meeting, such as locking the meeting, enabling a waiting room, customized disclaimers for joining a meeting and more.

Video camera control: By default, the video camera option is turned off. It can be turned on when entering a meeting. Participants can turn their video on if they choose.

Web client behavior: All accounts will have the web client behavior feature disabled by default. This feature can be enabled at the account or user level if participants need to join via the web.

File transfer: File transfer during meeting chat is disabled by default. It can be enabled at the account or user level.

Secure software installation: Upon license activation, Windstream Enterprise has an automated process that downloads the software to a computer from its own domain. Our apps can be downloaded at

Important tips to prevent meeting bombing

While there have been no reports of any OfficeSuite HD Meeting break-ins, here are some best practices that hosts can use to prevent unwanted meeting guests:

  • Set “Meeting Password” when scheduling meetings
  • Disable “Join Before Host” so attendees can’t enter the meeting before the host
  • Enable “Co-Host” so you can assign others to help moderate
  • Disable “File Transfer” and use a cloud sharing platform such as OneDrive or Dropbox
  • Disable “Allow Removed Participants to Rejoin” so booted attendees can’t sneak back in
  • Enable “Waiting Room” to see who is trying to enter; the host can control entrance
  • “Lock Meeting” so no other attendees can join
  • Use a randomized meeting ID and share details only with attendees

As always, Windstream Enterprise will continue to monitor for new security threats and take swift action to mitigate them if they arise.

Key Takeaway
Using data isolation, multiple security standards and a full suite of security tools, OfficeSuite HD Meeting delivers airtight security.

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