Welcome to ONE: Our reimagined, highly competitive partner program

April 18, 2024 Carl Orleman 4 min

Have you found the ONE? The ONE Partner program, that is. Learn how our channel partner program completely reimagines the way partners close more deals, deliver award-winning solutions and provide exceptional customer experiences.

The IT services landscape has evolved so much in just the last few years, and for so many reasons.

We’ve seen how new technology is taking businesses by storm, specifically the advancements of AI. A study from ResumeBuilder found that 91% of companies with open positions were looking to hire workers who knew how to use OpenAI’s chatbot because this technology has been shown to boost employee productivity, save time and bolster the overall bottom line.

We’ve also witnessed how much the workforce has accelerated in just a few years. As reported by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the world has shifted to hybrid and remote business models due to high levels of digitalization—meaning the right technology in place to support these work models. The most digitalized industries experience benefit significantly from smaller losses in labor productivity and hours worked than less digitalized sectors.

We must acknowledge how recent competition for workplace talent has placed thousands of enterprises in a tough spot. According to Gartner, the ongoing critical shortage of skilled IT labor and the skyrocketing demand for that talent greatly outstrips the current supply, a trend that will continue well into the future. Our team hears this every day as we talk to business leaders across each and every industry.

When we accumulate all this change and uncertainty—all that has been driven the demands for agile digital transformation—it is clear: The marketplace is screaming, “We need help!”

When faced with rapidly evolving demands, we have only two options: Shun the change with fear of the unknown, or embrace the change head on. In my professional opinion, I think the latter option is a much more successful business approach—not to mention more fun too.

Windstream Enterprise has always taken evolution seriously, taking a head-first approach into leading and adapting to the evolving market. Our own application of digital transformation doesn’t just apply not to our enterprise business operating model, but to our channel partner initiatives as well. Because no matter what the marketplace and our clients are demanding, we remain steadfast and committed to those we serve—customers and channel partners alike.

Introducing ONE

Recently, Windstream Enterprise unveiled the next evolution of its channel partner program to create greater long-term value and simplicity for thousands of channel partners nationwide. We call it the ONE Partner Program, and it integrates and supports teams across all sales channels with a complete suite of cloud-enabled connectivity, communications and security solutions for partners, along with the managed IT services to help them operate and optimize these technologies.  

For our ONE partners, you will have access to a best-in-class partner portal, along with enhanced service assurance and delivery, and hands-on professional support throughout every stage of the buyer journey. Better yet, ONE Windstream Enterprise will deliver competitive compensation to partners via industry-leading incentives that are focused on where there is the best opportunity to win together: the Ideal Opportunity Profile (IOP).

What is IOP?

We define Ideal Opportunity Profile (IOP) as priority sales opportunities that best fit both Windstream Enterprise and the partner’s capabilities. These customers tend to have advanced communications requirements, coupled with IT managed service needs, plus they often have multiple locations and growth strategies. We are prioritizing these types of opportunities with incentivized compensation, as well as heightened service and support.

By homing in on the IOP, this enables Windstream Enterprise to help its partners close more deals, deliver award-winning solutions and provide exceptional customer experiences.

How does the ONE Partner Program work?

Here are all the ways that Windstream Enterprise will support partners through the ONE partner program:

  • ONE integrates and mutually supports teams across partner, direct and indirect sales. With channel integration, we win—together.
  • ONE manifests this clarity and focus through a customer-centric framework to deliver the best comprehensive lifecycle experience—through every stage of the buyer journey. 
  • ONE offers a full range of cloud-enabled voice, networking and next-generation security solutions—and the IT Managed Services required to operate and optimize this infrastructure.  
  • ONE delivers a best-in-class partner portal to effectively manage and maintain your book of business and execute transactions with ease and efficiency. 
  • ONE provides industry-leading partner compensation aligned with opportunities where we are best positioned to win. 

Our promise to you, our partners

What’s particularly interesting about this recent announcement is that it’s not necessarily anything new. Instead, it’s a confirmation to partners and to the market of our unfaltering commitment to them. Action behind words, have you.

Windstream has been around for a quite some time, and we’ve been apart of the evolving Windstream has been around for a quite some time, and we’ve been apart of the evolving landscape that now defines this new chapter we live and work in. Under my leadership and my knowledgeable, experienced and enthusiastic team, I can guarantee we are in the best position to be answering this call.

By offering a portfolio full of most advanced IT solutions and services on the market, guided by an experienced model that is uniquely tailored, verticalized and segmented, we can ensure the best support available to help our channel partners get deals done faster, integrate faster and win faster.

This is all part of a very orchestrated, thoughtful effort to deliver the most positive outcomes to our partners, and to our customers. We could not be more ecstatic to now offer this program and lead as an example of what a thriving channel program should look like.

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Key Takeaway
Join us in achieving successful business outcomes—all while earning the most competitive compensation in the industry. Welcome to ONE!

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