Unleash the superpowers of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE)

November 22, 2023 James Player 5 min

Our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) has some exceptional superpowers, including lightning speed across the globe! In this blog post, we will explore the latest and greatest features of SASE, and how it serves your organization justice by defending and transform your security posture.

We’ve all grown up with a fascination for superheroes—the ones plastered throughout our favorite comic books, posters and movies—including iconic characters like Superman, Wonder Woman or your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. Over time, superheroes have easily grown their popularity as enduring archetypes in our popular culture for serving as symbols of hope, inspiration and resilience.

What makes superheroes so valuable is that they possess extraordinary powers that go beyond those of us ordinary humans. These abilities are used to combat evil, protect the innocent and maintain justice. And while Captain Marvel and Thor might only show up when we are in need on the big screen, we are fortunate enough to have real life super-powered cybertechnologies that help to keep us, our information and our businesses safe from malicious cybersecurity criminals. These “here and now” superheroes go by the names of Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE).

SASE and SSE for the greater good

In this constantly evolving cybersecurity landscape, businesses are regularly searching for new and improved ways to protect their valuable assets. Because as technology advances, so do the threats that target them. This has given rise to the need for cutting-edge, holistic security solutions, like SASE and SSE. In fact, SASE adoption been rapidly increasing ever since it was coined by Gartner in 2019. The market is expected to reach $5.9 billion by 2028 with an annual compound growth rate over 10%.

There’s a lot that makes these two sophisticated security frameworks so powerful. Here I will share the greatest strengths of SASE and SSE and how each will benefit your enterprise unlike any network security solution before it.

  1. SASE: Combining the powers of connectivity and security

    Unlike its predecessors, SASE integrates network connectivity and security into a single cloud-native framework. As such, this solution enables secure anywhere access, empowering your employees to securely access your network and applications from anywhere in the world. This means that remote work and mobility are no longer a security concern, allowing your team to be productive wherever they are.

    SASE also reduces complexity, simplifying your network and security infrastructure by consolidating various security services into a single platform. This reduces the intricacy behind managing multiple cloud or hybrid solutions and offers more efficient protection against cyberthreats. And as your business grows, SASE scales with your organization—easily allowing you to add new users, branches or locations without the need for significant hardware or infrastructure upgrades.

  2. SSE: The Power of Edge-Based Security

    If SASE is Batman, SSE is its daredevil partner. It’s another emerging superhero in the realm of cybersecurity, focusing on delivering comprehensive security services at the edge of the network. SSE removes the “Access” component within SASE, making it simple to integrate with the current network solution your company has in place. It’s the perfect steppingstone for organizations looking to make a transition to SASE over a longer period of time.

    SSE is excellent at providing real-time threat detection and mitigation at the edge of your network, protecting against emerging threats and vulnerabilities as they arise. This minimizes the risk of data breaches and network intrusions.

    By pushing security services closer to the user, SSE minimizes latency and ensures a smoother, more efficient user experience. Your team can enjoy the benefits of robust security without sacrificing performance.

SSE and SASE are a dynamic duo. By integrating the power of SSE with the connectivity and accessibility that comes from SD-WAN within SASE, your organization can achieve a comprehenSSE and SASE are a dynamic duo. By integrating the power of SSE with the connectivity and accessibility that comes from SD-WAN within SASE, your organization can achieve a comprehensive security solution that covers all aspects of network security, from the edge to the core.

Soaring to new heights with the latest and greatest SASE and SSE technology

At the Windstream Enterprise headquarters, we are always enhancing our solutions, so our customers get the absolute best protection, performance and support available. Recently, we’ve announced a few new enhancements of our SASE and SSE solutions, powered by Cato Networks, including:

  • Superhuman speed: A growing number of businesses are turning to SASE because of its ability to help organizations quickly adapt to constantly shifting users, applications and work environments while keeping all application and security policies synchronized with these changing endpoints. As organizations face a climbing number of threats to their IT infrastructure, SASE Express Lane from Windstream Enterprise offers a near-immediate solution that drastically decreases the time it takes to secure enterprise networks and protect sensitive data. This concierge managed service from Windstream Enterprise gives businesses 14-day installation over existing internet connections so you no longer need to wait for access installations. Benefit from lightning speed for security peace-of-mind.
  • Global teleportation: Solutions like SASE and SSE are critical in helping U.S.-based enterprises and their international locations address security vulnerabilities and network performance degradation that can happen when their global operations are running on disparate networks and lack common security policies with their domestic operations. To support this critical need, Windstream Enterprise unveiled global availability of its comprehensive SASE and SSE solutions, powered by Cato SASE Cloud. Never before has it been easier to achieve global network protection and streamlined IT management across borders.

With great power comes great responsibility

SASE and SSE are formidable tools that can help business achieve a higher level of security, connectivity, and efficiency. By adopting these heroic solutions, your organization can stay one step ahead of cyberthreats and provide your team with the tools they need to succeed in our technologically advancing global environment.

Are you ready to unleash the superpowers of SASE and SSE and safeguard your business from the ever-present dangers of the digital world?

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Key Takeaway
In a world where cyberthreats are becoming increasingly sophisticated, two novel superheroes are here to protect your organization. By embracing the SSE and SASE’s superpowers into your enterprise, you can provide your business with the must-have security and flexibility it needs to thrive our digital-first universe.

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