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Creating personalized healthcare experiences with secure and reliable cloud-optimized IT communications—so you can focus on providing a connected, interoperable patient experience.

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Windstream Enterprise healthcare solutions help you connect, communicate and collaborate more efficiently, deliver a superior, personalized patient experience and prepare for industry challenges like the increased demand for telehealth and ever-present cybersecurity threats.

“Our Windstream Enterprise Technical Service Manager helped make our SD-WAN and UCaaS migration a seamless experience.”

Rob Chaney Jr., Manager of IT, Wright & Filippis

Get smart, secure technology that supports exceptional patient experiences

Patient-centered communications has taken on a critical role for healthcare organizations that continually strive to improve the patient experience and reduce costs with greater clinical outcomes—all while faced with day-to-day challenges that include budget constraints, security mandates and productivity pressures.

From the smallest rural clinic to the largest urban hospital, Windstream Enterprise offers a complete portfolio of reliable and secure cloud-optimized communications and connectivity solutions.

These solutions are designed to help your healthcare enterprise connect, collaborate and improve the ability of your staff to focus on increasing patient safety while reducing medical errors and providing an outstanding patient experience.

Evolve your healthcare technology to drive a better patient experience and better patient-centric care


Improved productivity
Choosing Windstream Enterprise as your single provider for customized design, installation and support of your communication technologies streamlines processes, reduces in-house equipment maintenance requirements and optimizes operational efficiencies to allow your team the ability to focus on patients and give them the quality care they deserve.

  • Feature-rich integration of VoIP, data and real and near-time communications technologies and applications optimizes communications and employee collaboration.
  • Wireless LAN solutions targeted at clinics and ambulatory facilities allow staff to move freely but remain connected to data and communications services, getting immediate access to critical health information, such as patient records, prescriptions, procedure information and more.
  • Cloud solutions free IT staff from ongoing maintenance, time-consuming updates and all the other headaches that come with dealing with in-house technologies.

Business continuity
Caring for patients is an around-the-clock responsibility that requires reliable, robust communications services every hour of every day. Rest easy with Windstream Enterprise as your technology partner, knowing that our business continuity solutions will protect your organization and your patients against loss of data, downtime due to poor performance or infrastructure failures.

  • Fully managed recovery services get your organization back online in a matter of minutes rather than hours.
  • WE will maximize your network and critical application reliability with a 100% uptime guarantee.1
  • Dedicated cloud connectivity alleviates public Internet reliability concerns and ensures you have an always-on, reliable and highly secure connection to your cloud provider.
  • On-premises data center available for customers with life-critical communication needs.

Enhanced patient experience
Windstream Enterprise understands the important role technology has in assisting those who are in the business of healing and saving lives. Our broad range of agile cloud-optimized network solutions and services can help your team be more productive and proactive, which will lead to a more satisfying patient experience and improved patient health.

Our solutions will allow your organization to improve care team collaboration by breaking down communication barriers between healthcare professionals and providing near-real-time access to critical patient information.

  • Fast and reliable point-to-point transport of bandwidth-intensive healthcare information, including EHRs, PACS and digital medical images, ensures information is delivered to a patient’s point of care—whether that location is in the same building or in another city.
  • Centralized scheduling, transfers, referrals and nurse advice line services ensure continuity across an entire healthcare system with cloud-based Unified Communications and Contact Center solutions.
  • Innovative technologies, such as SD-WAN help increase the availability of applications that directly interface with patient care.

Cost management
In an environment of fast-rising costs and changing cost models with value-based payments for healthcare providers, Windstream Enterprise can economically meet and support your communications technology needs.

  • Cloud solutions from Windstream Enterprise provide predictable costs and eliminate the expense of hardware maintenance and software upgrades as well as the need for a large, specialized IT staff, freeing your technology budget for strategic initiatives that improve patient experiences and increase your bottom line.
  • The opportunity to build solution bundles increases saving opportunities while reducing billing and administration complexity.

Security and compliance
The mandate to safeguard patient and business information and comply with government regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI cannot be ignored when choosing a communications solutions provider. You can count on Windstream Enterprise to safeguard protected health information.

  • Private network solutions offer inherent security and flexible bandwidth options.
  • Personal and administrative healthcare data remains private, whether it is being transported to a patient’s point of care, moved to or stored in the cloud or shared via telehealth applications.
  • Our Professional Services team can provide a HIPAA or PCI gap assessment.
  • Our certified engineers manage your communications solution, keeping technology current and product certifications up to date.

Why Windstream Enterprise?

Cloud-optimized networks
Healthcare professional and consulting services
Nationwide with offices in 48 states
150K+ fiber route miles
More than 7,900 healthcare organizations as our customers


Fully managed and co-managed communications and network solutions

Cloud-enabled connectivity, communications and security—guaranteed.

Windstream Enterprise delivers proven outcomes through the convergence of our proprietary software and cloud-optimized network, enabling healthcare organizations to provide patient-centric care without risking revenue. Our managed services streamline operations, enhance security and compliance, and elevate the experience of our clients, their clinicians and patients, while securing their sensitive data and brand integrity. Analysts certify Windstream Enterprise as a market leader for our product innovation, and clients rely on our unrivaled service guarantees and best-in-class management portal. Organizations trust Windstream Enterprise as their single-source for a high-performance network and award-winning suite of connectivity, collaboration and security solutions—delivered by a team of technology experts whose success is directly tied to fulfilling each organization’s mission.

Subject to applicable terms and conditions. Customer must purchase both SD-WAN Concierge and OfficeSuite UC on a minimum three-year term to qualify for the 100% Uptime Guarantee.

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