Your communications solution: Strategic or stagnant?

If your communications solution isn't driving your business forward, it's holding you back - and costing you more than you think.

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Workstyles are changing.

Are you keeping up? Your key employees work hard for your business. But they need more flexibility in how they do it.

The pandemic shifted how businesses think about work with 66% of companies embracing some form of ‘work from anywhere’ model5.

77% of IT decision makers report adopting or planning to adopt video calling6

Nearly 80% of businesses report an increase in the use of video communication so‡ware in the past 12 months7

70% of IT decision makers report they’ve already adopted or plan to adopt a UCaaS solution8

But it’s about productive time too

Your employees need to collaborate. But how much time is actually available to do their work?

Up to 80% of the day is spent in meetings or responding to colleagues’ requests9

Have a contact center? The stakes are even higher.

To your customers, your contact center is the face of your business.

If your contact center isn’t delivering delight at every interaction, your customers will look elsewhere.

Ready to start making moves?

Windstream Enterprise can help your business boost productivity and decrease downtime with a UCaaS solution tailored to your unique requirements. We’ll work closely with your IT team to understand your objectives and design, deliver and manage a next-generation solution that meets your business needs today and tomorrow.

Cloud-enabled connectivity, communications and security. Guaranteed. Learn more by visiting

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