What is Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)? A deep dive into the newest component of Windstream Enterprise SASE and SSE

October 02, 2023 Chris Alberding 3 min

Protect your enterprise from any and every web-based threat. Learn how Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) helps to accomplish this and why it’s a critical component of SASE and SSE to defending against malicious web content.

Most, if not every, organization rely on a handful of web applications and browsers to help accomplish all types of business functions. However, according to the National Institutes of Health, it’s the unfortunate truth that many of these applications can make your business vulnerable to malicious cyberattacks that can ultimately cause harm to your organization and its stakeholders. Detecting malicious websites is essential to preventing the spreading of malware and protect end-users from being victims—but it can be hard to do in today’s complex digital environment.

SASE and SSE to the rescue

One component of Windstream Enterprise Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Security Service Edge (SSE)—both powered by Cato Networks—continues to support businesses with protection against existing websites. This component is known as Secure Web Gateway (SWG) and it works to prevents unsecured traffic from entering an organization’s internal network by safeguarding users from being infected by malicious web traffic, websites, viruses and ransomware.

While SWG acts as a checkpoint between all incoming and outgoing data, and filters unwanted software and malware from user-initiated web traffic, how about websites that are new or uncategorized? With so many sites being created each day, wouldn’t it be easier to have a technology that could instantly categorize those sites for you? Versus leaning on your team of IT administrators to manually classify them? Yeah, we think so too.

That’s what makes Remote Browser Isolation (RBI) so powerful. It works in partnership with SWG, and SASE’s other core components, to protect organizations from web-based threats by isolating and executing web content (such as websites, links and downloads) in a remote environment, separate from the local endpoint or user’s device.

The real value of RBI

The primary goal of RBI is to minimize the attack surface and prevent malicious web content from compromising the security of the user’s device or the corporate network. Here’s a few reasons why RBI is an important security feature for enterprises:

  1. Enhances security, for one and for all: RBI keeps malicious web content away from a user’s endpoint, preventing threats like malware or zero-day exploits from impacting an organization’s infrastructure. Even if an unsafe website or file were to be encountered, RBI would make sure it does not directly affect that user’s device.
  2. Lives in isolation: To expand on that previous point, RBI isolates threatening web content in a secure, disposable environment. This ensures that even if an outside attacker manages to compromise a user’s web session, they won’t gain access to critical data or resources on the user’s device or network. RBI creates a dead end for the cybercriminal.
  3. Works in harmony with your existing applications: Windstream Enterprise SASE and SSE’s RBI component is compatible with various browsers and devices, making them suitable for diverse enterprise environments like yours. This, in turn, improves the user experience for your employees—allowing the access the web without constant concern for security. Users can browse freely, knowing that any potential threats are isolated and cannot harm their devices.
  4. Supports hybrid and remote work environments: According to Upwork, by 2025, an estimated 32.6 million Americans will be working remotely, which equates to about 22% of the workforce. If your organization falls within this category, RBI will be a critical component of securing remote employees’ browsing activities, protecting them and the corporate network from potential threats originating from their web interactions.

Since Windstream Enterprise SASE and SSE is powered by Cato Networks, our customers benefit from the most innovative technology, such as RBI, available in the cybersecurity market. As an end result, these integrated security solutions are giving enterprise IT teams the best of both worlds: productivity and security.

Visit our website to discover all the components and benefits of SASE and SSE, and connect with one of our cybersecurity experts today to learn more about how these solutions can benefit your enterprise.

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Key Takeaway
RBI is a crucial security feature for enterprises in an increasingly web-centric world, protecting against a wide range of web-based threats while allowing employees to access the internet securely—and without interruption.

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